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  Centralized IP Address Manager


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Centralized IP Address
Solution for the enterprise.

Pricing Information
Web demonstrations available upon request. Please contact us to recieve logon information. contact@itlogic.net


     Product Features

 IP Subnet allocation

 Database driven

 Hierarchical tree structure

 Duplicate IP error checking

 Switch port mapping

 Import/Export capability

 Multiple reporting options

 Multi-user access control

 Built-in network tools


    Ping, Ping Sweep, Trace Route, DNS Query, IP Calculater, SNMP Browser

Product Details

Version: 2006.2.5    

IP-Admin Centralized IP Manager is a feature rich client/server web-based application that will provide an easy way to approach the time consuming spreadsheet method of keeping track of your IP enterprise. Below is a detailed description of some of the features available within IP-Admin centralized IP manager.

With the IP-Admin Centralized IP Manager, any one can organize the enterprise ip scheme into an easy to read and understand tree like structure.  Organize by geographical location or by any format that will suit your needs.  IP-Admin will easily adapt to any type of topological structure.

You now have the ability to easily create and assign subnets to a department or perhaps an office in another location.  With its built-in Ip Subnet calculator, you can easily break down your subnets using CIDR(Classless Inter Domain Routing) blocks and determine network and broadcast addresses along with the total number of usable IP addresses.

With its web-based functionality all users and administrators of the application can easily access the centralized ip database using only their web browser.  No need to install additional client software just to manage your enterprise IP network.

Reduce the time and cost associated with managing your IP environment. Allow NetMange to help you automate the task of subnet allocation and assignment of ip addresses.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows platform with IIS


   . Database: The application contains a Microsoft Access database configured with a DNS-LESS connection.  SQL integration can be setup very easily. Please contact us if you require SQL connection.


Client Requirements

   . IP-Admin is a fully integrated web-based application.  We recommend using Internet Explorer 5.0 or above with Javascript enabled.


 Product Features



IP-Admin Centralized IP Manager - The easy approach to managing your IP enterprise


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